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 Updated Friday May 22nd 

Here is some more information about
your upcoming appointment at the Coyote

Welcome to our New Normal!

We are all trying to adjust so please bear with us.
To start please enter wearing a mask that goes around your ears.
If you do not have a mask we have one for you and take a squirt of
hand sanitizer at the front desk (whether you are wearing gloves or not)

  The Salon will be open with only two stylists so we expect
no more than five people in at a time.  There might be
a bit of overlap occasionally but that is to be expected.

One clean, sanitized cape per client and disinfecting
everything that does not move all day long.

To eliminate lengthy exposure we will
not be doing roller sets or elaborate blowouts.

Please try to be on time, not too early and not late.
We will do our best to run on time and we all should
keep in touch if there is a conflict.

Ashley will not be working all of our hours so leave a message,
many times we can hear you talking and will pick up if we can.

Please no tagalongs. They are more than welcome to wait for you
on our heated patio and we will supply them with a cold drink.

  If a child cannot be in the salon by themselves
during their haircut we cannot accommodate them.

  Please respect a physical distance when not being shampooed or cut.
We are just trying to make this work as best we can to keep everyone safe.
There is still a risk as there are so many unknowns with this virus
but we will try to move forward in a way that makes sense.

  Obviously if you are not feeling well please stay home and stay safe.

Virtual hug, The Coyote Staff

PS:  We realize the hardest part for all of us will be not having
our usual lengthy chitchat serious conversations.
Just relax and enjoy.

“It’s not just a haircut it’s an adventure”

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